Dec 02 2019
It was January 31, when World Lethwei Championship held its latest event to date. Since then, the world has been turned on its head with a global COVID-19 crisis.
As the world slowly reemerges out of the pandemic, WLC looks to return to its initially scheduled programming of world-class action of bare knuckle fighting.
Mr. Zay Thiha, World Lethwei Championship chairman and founder, said on his Facebook page, that the organization will hold an event in the very near future. He added that moving forward, WLC will organize monthly lethwei spectacles.
The organization is also planning to announce all the main event bouts to expect for the next season. Fans can look forward to see light welterweight champion Antonio Faria, light middleweight champion Sasha Moisa, middleweight titleholder Naimjon Tuhtaboyev and cruiserweight king Dave Leduc defend their respective titles.
“We are moving full speed head to hold next World Lethwei Championship event very soon,” said Mr. Zay Thiha when asked about the announcement of the next event. “Our scouts from all over the world are checking out the world’s best talents and signing the top athletes. You can expect to see some of the new talents in our upcoming shows.”
World Lethwei Championship Grand Prix
There is also speculation that World Lethwei Championship will emulate the success of PRIDE and other combat sports leagues by doing a World Championship Grand Prix to showcase its world-class roster. The welterweight (63.5kg to 67kg) and light middleweight (67kg to 71kg) rosters look particularly stacked with talent that would suit such a tournament.
Now that WLC is on track to organize events once again, it will be possible that Grand Prix bouts will be on the fight card of coming shows.
“We, all the fighters, want to fight at World Lethwei Championship,” said lethwei star Lin Htet Naing, who could not hide his eagerness when heard the rumours. “We heard that the organization is planning to hold the World Grand Prix. It is so exciting. I want to take part in the Grand Prix.”
“If the rumors are true, it will be a great opportunity for all the lethwei athletes. World Lethwei Championship events are now available in more than 70 countries, and we know that it is a big deal for the sport. We want to showcase our skills on the global platform.”
On the whole, WLC is now preparing for its next event and getting ready to enter the new normal with new spectacles and the new Grand Prix concept. And one thing for sure is the bouts will be more thrilling than ever, because the lethwei athletes are all willing to come into the ring and show their top striking performance.