Dec 02 2019
Souris Manfredi on First WLC Women’s Title Fight: ‘I Will Bring Hell & the Fire’
When muay Thai specialist Souris Manfredi returns to the World Lethwei Championship ring on Friday, she will be a part of history, as one half of the organization’s first women’s title fight at WLC: Hideout Battle. For this special occasion, the native of France plans to not only bring her best effort, she also expects to display some fire and brimstone for her opponent Maisha Katz.

“I’m sure she feels the same. It’s a title fight. It’s for the first [women’s] bantamweight title. Obviously, I will bring hell to the ring,” Manfredi told Sherdog. “I will bring the hell and the fire. I believe she wants to do the same, because when you fight for a title, everyone wants the belt. I believe it will be a very engaged fight from each other.”

In her conversation with Sherdog, the 32-year old spoke on her journey into martial arts, and eventually into the sport of Lethwei. She talked training to use headbutts, a legal technique in WLC. Explained how she can make more money in WLC than with Muay Thai organizations.